Take a Turn in Life – Learn!

September 25, 2007

Over the course of anyone’s life, one learns that sometimes things “come up.” We may not plan for these things, but we most certainly must work to resolve these situations. These situations may be resolved with or without our efforts; regardless, they do happen and we must be prepared for them.

It is important to realize that our so-called “mistakes” are our lessons in real life. We are never perfect in school so why should we expect for the “real world” to be anything but a similar experience. Unfortunately, we have a warped perspective of how to learn and the “failures” we have experienced.

One of the best results of stumbling is that we learn from our mistakes. The best reason to make the effort may appear to be reaching the prize. The truth is that we become a better “us” by learning the lessons that we learn in making the efforts and the failures.

Interesting, we all want to make the best decisions that we can. The only way to make good decisions is through experience. The only way to gain experience is through making bad decisions. This dichotomy is a precious dance that allows for growth to unfold in our lives. Embrace the challenges in life because they are the lessons that we can not truly buy.

I encourage you to make decisions, good and bad, that produce the results that you truly deserve!



Who Would You Be?

September 21, 2007

Life can be a very interesting ride. We never quite know where it is going to end up. More importantly than what you want to have your life be about, which is valid in steering one’s life, the topic about who you would like to become draws more gravity, and rightfully so, it demands more attention.

As a child, I, like most children was asked, what do you want to be when you get older? The common response by most includes a “police officer, firefighter, astronaut, teacher,” and so on. What did you answer? What were your desires as a child?

After a certain age we begin to just take life as it comes. We too often succumb to the whims of the world. It is just like the tongue in cheek, half-hearted joke – “most people work hard towards their dreams until they are 40. Do you know what happens then? They give up!”

Sadly, we never really decide what we want to do with our life or whom we would like to be in the first place. Even less, the average person never really gets any real traction in a particular direction. They then tend to exist. This is truly sad.

Quite frankly, too many of us are told what we are to do. These unsolicited suggestions arrive from well intentioned, yet meddling parents, friends, teachers, siblings, extended family, and coworkers. We never quite gain a good foothold as to what our lives should really be about. They work to tell us what to do and they attempt to live their lives through us. Fortunately, they are not us and we have the choice to choose; sadly, most only exist.

Is it really a wonder that most of us never have our lives amount to much because we never stop to consider what we really want. Most people spend more time picking out a birthday present for a friend or family member than they ever will spend in designing their life. Lesser yet, nearly zero time and effort is exerted to produce a result that was never a consideration in the first place. Probably even worse than that is that we never really decide who we want to be. We tend to “roll with the punches” of life and “take things as they come” just like a leaf in a fast moving stream.

What is the natural result of inaction and zero focus? – nothing! Doesn’t zero action and zero focus equal the same sum – nothing? Is it any wonder why people are so miserable? They have nothing to live for, or at least, they are not living for anything! Again, what would you do with your life and who would you become if you had the choice?

Thankfully, we all have the choice! We have the ability to make our lives and to make ourselves as we choose. One sad factor is that most people never consciously choose because they didn’t know that they had the choice in the first place, they just take the handouts of life. Why not start living as you would want?

If you were to decide what you want for your life, what would it be? If you were to decide right now, who are you, who would you say? What would come out? What words would you use to describe yourself? How do those words honestly make you feel? How would you like to feel?

Who you are is called your identity. Your identity is a belief that you have about yourself. This identity determines what you do, how you do it, with whom you affiliate, what you want for yourself, and what standards that you hold. Your identity is the core, it is who you are.

Perhaps you have heard the expression “I think, therefore I am.” Have you ever wondered what this means? It means that if you believe that you are a certain way, then you really are. You create your own reality. Your world is dictated by you. You get that which you focus. More specifically, your focus determines how you feel and you determine your life based upon how you feel. If you feel great, then you attract other great things into your life. If you are anything less than ideal, you are dragging horrible and less than desirable results in your existence.

Who do you believe that you are? Try these phrases on for size. I am a master of influence. I am a propagator of passion. I am a sketcher of the possibilities. I am a builder of people. I am an architect of dreams. I am a plotter of priorities. I am a designer of destinies. I am a landscaper of legacies. I am a nuclear furnace of infinite radiant energy. I am an awesome force for good. I am an unstoppable force for God. I am a free thinking, covert guardian angel. I am a loved child of the most high God. I am a passionate and radiant billionaire philanthropist. I am a lover of all mankind. I am a great Friend. I am a big kid. How do those phrases resonate with you?

If you believed that you are any one of these phrases, how would that impact your life? How could your life change right now if you were to identify your identity beliefs, the beliefs that you have for yourself, and change the ones that do not support you? What could you do if you incorporated some of these beliefs about yourself into your life?

In closing, my grandma had a saying on her wall that I thought was very profound. It made me think and it continues to impact me today. “Our life is a gift from God, what we do with that life and who we become is our gift to God.” That phrase stirs my soul and I hope that it stirs your soul too!

Become a gift for God. Create your life as you would choose. Do it intentionally. Make the choice to create a life of passion that is worthy of having books written about you. Make your life a masterpiece!


One of the most overlooked concepts in our human experience is the importance of our emotions. Many people in our society are disassociated or detached from most experiences. They are so afraid and tie so much anxiety and fear to feeling emotions that they stay bound, going nowhere in life.

At the same time, many people are more than willing to experience emotions, the only challenge is that they experience the wrong emotions. These people experience emotions such as rage, anger, jealousy, significance, importance, certainty, comfort, frustration, confusion, overwhelm, poverty, etc. When they feel these emotions, they attract more of the same results into their lives and they wonder why they never get what they want. This negative result makes them more upset, frustrated, angry, jealous, etc. It is a never ending cycle of their own choice, yet they choose not to change their patterns.

If we begin to take control of our emotions, we begin to take control of our lives. Emotions are incredibly easy with which to work if one knows technologies through which to work with them. This is one of the outcomes of this group.

Unfortunately, most don’t care. The biggest challenge that the average person faces is certainty, also known as comfort. The average person never goes anywhere in life and remains where they are because, quite frankly, they don’t go anywhere. Humourously, that is the reason. They need a massive jolt to get them to move like a big gorilla on the train tracks. Once they get moving they have the opportunity to head in a particular direction and their lives can change.

Importantly, in order to attract great things into our lives we must have the emotional juice to get us going and then to use the best emotions to keep us fueled. The best emotions to keep us going and for the Law of Attraction to work (because they are at the highest vibrational levels) is passion, excitement, love, and, probably the best, gratitude. When we vibrate at such a high level we begin to match the vibration and to be in harmony with the great things that we choose to have at that level.

The next step is to control what you want. This is also known as focus. The emotions are the fuel and the focus is the steering wheel to guide us to where we want to go. As we continually focus on what we want with our emotions being at optimum level, we will in time through action attract the things into our lives that we desire.

Attracting great things has a very specific success formula. Just like anything, if you do what it takes to produce the result, especially if you are following the example of someone else who is successful, you will eventually get what you choose.

Continue to live life with massive energy while you focus on your desired outcomes. Everything will be granted to you when you are in alignment with your dreams. Choose passion, if that would be your choice!


I find it interesting that so many of us are never encouraged to really dream.  If we ever do dream, our dreams, many times, become squelched by life and outsiders.  Importantly, if we focus on what we want and take necessary action to pursue our dreams, we can begin to attract great things into our lives.

Sometimes it takes time to have things come to fruition.  This is the Law of Gender which means that there is a gestation period to everything, and the time necessary to manifest an outcome is truly not known.  We must keep focused on the end goal and be willing to continue on the appropriate path.  We must trust the Law of Attraction will kick in via the Law of Vibration.  The Law of Vibration is important because in the spiritual world of quantum physics we attract things into our life via intentional focus and the level of vibration or energy that we exude.  This is the simple formula necessary to bring great things into our lives.  Couple these concepts with action and belief in our goal’s attainment, these desired outcomes will manifest in time.

Our lives are for us to create if we are so daring.  Why not give these principles a shot and work to attract something great or even something small.  Give your dreams enough time, attention, and action, perhaps one day your dreams will come true!


Ask and Ye Shall Receive

September 15, 2007

I think that it is very safe to say that this Law of Attraction stuff really does work.  I have been working towards specific goals while I keep the vision that which I want in my mind and they seem to keep coming into reality.  Sure I do have conscious choice over what I want which is the point.  All of it seems be slowly coming true.

The interesting thing is that I am having more fun and I am less stressed compared to my daunting and perilious efforts that I have exerted in the past.   I worked so unbelievably hard and long hours to have less than desired efforts that certainly didn’t pay me very well.  I now have great things entering into my life, many out of nowhere.  And I can only attribute this to the Law of Attraction and the grace of God; I am grateful.

I can only imagine what the future will bring.  The interesting thing is… that is the point!  I need to imagine.  I need to envision what I would like my life and my experiences to be and I am confident that I will draw them into my life when I use the exact formula for success.

I hope that you have similiar experiences and that you are able to react similarly as great things come into your life.  I trust that you will stay positive and high energy, with the right intent and focused in the right direction.  The world will become yours!



It Is Amazing!

September 8, 2007

I always wonder how things will turn out.  Many times good things and bad things alike will have unusual twists and turns.  Many times they are unpredictable.  The funny thing is that the circumstances always seem to work out and, quite frankly, the right thing, whether it is a person, book, or resource happens to come about at exactly the right time.  I can only attribute this to God and the Law of Vibration and Attraction for being so promptly and astutely timed.  I am grateful!

How wonderful is life when we allow things to just happen while we enjoy the ride?!?!