What Would You Have If You Could?

September 16, 2007

I find it interesting that so many of us are never encouraged to really dream.  If we ever do dream, our dreams, many times, become squelched by life and outsiders.  Importantly, if we focus on what we want and take necessary action to pursue our dreams, we can begin to attract great things into our lives.

Sometimes it takes time to have things come to fruition.  This is the Law of Gender which means that there is a gestation period to everything, and the time necessary to manifest an outcome is truly not known.  We must keep focused on the end goal and be willing to continue on the appropriate path.  We must trust the Law of Attraction will kick in via the Law of Vibration.  The Law of Vibration is important because in the spiritual world of quantum physics we attract things into our life via intentional focus and the level of vibration or energy that we exude.  This is the simple formula necessary to bring great things into our lives.  Couple these concepts with action and belief in our goal’s attainment, these desired outcomes will manifest in time.

Our lives are for us to create if we are so daring.  Why not give these principles a shot and work to attract something great or even something small.  Give your dreams enough time, attention, and action, perhaps one day your dreams will come true!



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