Take a Turn in Life – Learn!

September 25, 2007

Over the course of anyone’s life, one learns that sometimes things “come up.” We may not plan for these things, but we most certainly must work to resolve these situations. These situations may be resolved with or without our efforts; regardless, they do happen and we must be prepared for them.

It is important to realize that our so-called “mistakes” are our lessons in real life. We are never perfect in school so why should we expect for the “real world” to be anything but a similar experience. Unfortunately, we have a warped perspective of how to learn and the “failures” we have experienced.

One of the best results of stumbling is that we learn from our mistakes. The best reason to make the effort may appear to be reaching the prize. The truth is that we become a better “us” by learning the lessons that we learn in making the efforts and the failures.

Interesting, we all want to make the best decisions that we can. The only way to make good decisions is through experience. The only way to gain experience is through making bad decisions. This dichotomy is a precious dance that allows for growth to unfold in our lives. Embrace the challenges in life because they are the lessons that we can not truly buy.

I encourage you to make decisions, good and bad, that produce the results that you truly deserve!



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