October 11, 2007

One of the most interesting topics to which I have ever been exposed is the subject of standards. We are all subjected to their results no matter what standards we hold. Our standards dictate our lives.

Our standards are truly subjective and are relevant in a multitude of segments of our lives. The areas of our lives include health, relationships, career, finances, family, personal development, education, spiritual, emotional, and mental areas of life as well. The list could go on and on.

If we want for our lives to change, specifically if we want new or better results, our standards must change. We must first look to change our standards. Our standards come from our beliefs and our beliefs drive our actions. If you change the core, the beliefs, change which affects our actions. Once these actions change, the impending results will subsequently and inevitably change.

Again, standards affect every area of life. In your personal life, do you wake early? Do you stay up late? How do you manage your time? Do you spend time with your kids and wife every day? Do you workout everyday? Do you eat the foods that you should or do you eat what is available? Do you read for a certain amount of time per day? Do you take time for just you? Do you pray or meditate everyday? Do you do the things in your day that are important to you or are you a marionette that gets pulled in different directions to meet the needs of others? What are your daily personal standards?

The topic of standards in your work life might include how many calls do you make per day, how do you stay organized, how many quotes do you generate, and how many meetings you schedule and attend? Do you do your follow calls at a certain time each day? Do you start your day early? Do you stay late? Do you work to get the task accomplished or do you work only according to a time piece on the wall? Are you proactive or reactionary? Are you meticulous about detail or do you simply do what you can to get by? What standards do you hold in the context of your work?

Frankly, open mindedness to new strategies is vital. This is also a standard. Do you stay open to new technology and strategies that will produce exceptional results? If one is not open to the new possibilities, the opportunity for change and growth is nullified. In today’s economy, whether in one’s personal life or in business, versatility and flexibility are important which all starts in the individual’s mind regarding the standards that they hold.

I encourage every person and every organization to do what it takes to reconsider and reevaluate standards and procedures. Are the things that are done in your life and your business done because of necessity and value or are they done because that is how they have always been done? When you raise your standards the results in your life and business will improve, and profits will soar. Make the decisions that produce the results that you want and deserve.


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