Curve Balls

October 16, 2007

What do you do when things don’t go your way? How do you react? How do you cope?

We all have challenges in life. They seem to come in waves. Usually, they tend to group and show up at the same time. Do you ever wonder why? Our past and current patterns and decisions play into the happenings in our lives more than we know. In fact, we need to know that we are attracting these things into our lives. We are the cause.

We experience some common occurrences and we tend to mislabel them as being bad. Have you ever done that? Have you ever had a bad relationship or a break down in part of your life that you realized later that it was the best thing that could have happened to you? Things always seem a bit different when they are happening to us because we see it through our own eyes, our own filters. We give the situations in our lives meaning. And again, perhaps our greatest tribulations are our greatest blessings, we just need to realize them as such.

Very seriously, our lives would not be much without challenges. Imagine playing golf and every shot started on the edge of the cup whereas a strong breeze could blow the ball in the hole. It would be too easy. Golf would quickly become a boring game. Thankfully, we have the ability to have some variety and challenges in our lives just like in the game of golf, and these challenges make the game worth playing.

One of the most commonly over looked facets of life is that we need to be grateful when challenges come into our lives. This is a simple choice, a decision. To put our lives into perspective to show how trivial these things are in our lives, we need to look at the big picture to realize that one day we will be gone and most of these things that massively challenge us today will not really matter. When we appreciate what we have, the Law of Attraction, because we feel great feelings, brings more great and desired experiences into our lives. We need to be focused on great aspects of those experiences so that we have more phenomenal experiences come into our reality.

Our achievements in life are a means by which we gauge how our life is going. Truthfully, an experience is only for a time. At times, we spend a large amount of time on a particular project because it means something to us, to shortly after its completion have it wrecked, leaving nothing, no trace of its existence. This factor really challenges our way of thinking.

In college, my fraternity built a huge, 35 foot long by 14 foot high by 16 foot wide motorized and mechanically driven float welded to the chassis of a standard school bus every spring for VEISHEA, which was the largest, student-run event in the country at the time. Everything on the float moved and ran on its own accord, with no human action other than the driver and someone to control the electronics. It was beautifully engineered and decorated with great colors depicting a prominent theme. I estimate that we put no fewer than 10,000 man hours into building the float for 13 weeks of school every spring. Within a few hours after the parade for this magnificent float, pieces were being torched off to begin the clean up. Can you imagine the feeling of astonishment when this amazing, piece of artwork was annihilated immediately after its moment of glory? It was a true heartbreak, but it had to be done and great lessons were learned.

Everything happens for a reason, and for a time. It is important to appreciate the things that we have when we have them (and maybe take lots of pictures). Ecclesiastes in the Bible basically says that everything is fleeting. Everything has a purpose and when we have it that time or event should be revered.

Perhaps the things in your life are not quite what you thought they were. If you were to reconsider the experiences that you have had, wouldn’t you still come to the same conclusion – that those things, even though they were not easy, were great because they helped make you the person that you are today? Isn’t the net result of any circumstance best finalized by having you learn and grow. Nothing can ever take that away from you. You are you and that is the key to your life.

In conclusion, even though it may be tough at times, appreciate the moment for what it is worth. It may be the only time that you really have.


2 Responses to “Curve Balls”

  1. Radiant Rebekah said

    I can completely and whole heartedly relate to this passage! There have been numerous occasions where in my mind and life I thought, “why is this happening to me Lord?”. To then have some time pass and realize that it was the biggest blessing in disguise! And all I can do is say, thank you God, rather yay God, for unanswered prayers! It truly is an amazing thing to behold, how everything does happen for a reason, regardless of if you know what that reason is or not. The reason will most assuredly be revealed to you or through you at some point in your life and that is quite honestly, a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders as well as a peace that passes all understanding!And so again I say, YAY God!

  2. thelawofattractiongroup said

    Thank God for the little things, right? Or in the case of your post, the “no things.”

    It is an interesting concept to learn to be excited about things not happening because we have been so conditioned to expect things to go a certain way, wouldn’t you agree?

    Glad to you spent the time to write!

    With many blessings!

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