Quantum Physics: Like Attracts Like

October 18, 2007

Sometimes in our lives things come unexpectedly. The truth is that these unexpected things are truly only unknown consciously. We are constantly attracting things, both good and bad, into our lives. All of them allow for learning experiences.

For example, I know of someone, we’ll call him Biff (like getting hit over the head for example) who is one of the nicest people you have ever met. He has had so many great things in his life. Biff has a great personal life with great relationships. He has hit a rut whereas nothing that he puts forth comes to fruition as he would choose.

Biff made some choices that he believed would serve him by being involved in a relationship (which can be business, personal or intimate) that he believed would serve him. He moved to be in closer proximity to this relationship and it turned sour in a very short period of time despite his efforts to make the relationship work.

The other person made promise after promise, and was very convincing I have to admit, but there was not any follow-through by this other party, who constantly repels people and opportunities. Have you ever known someone like this? These actions of this other person threw Biff into a tailspin because their choices had become linked and it was a challenge to recover. You must never listen to what one says, ALWAYS WATCH WHAT THEY DO!

In fact, Biff just wanted out badly (to the elation of friends) which led Biff to major efforts to make the break. In fact, by being so good natured and trusting of others Biff started the relationship and the polarity of the other individual “rubbed off” to create a myriad of challenges during the separation. This “charge” is the Law of Vibration which enacted the Law of Attraction. Maybe they were similar in the first place to be attracted to each other.  Negative things continued to be attracted into Biff’s life because of this phenomenon of the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction.  Now it is up to Biff to continue this course or to shed the past and move forward.

What Biff needs to do is to figure out what he was doing to attract this into his life? Once you discover the pattern, you can change it and change the course of your current and future events.

The point in all of this is to say that all you can do is to make the best choices that you can and stay focused on that which is important to you. You will learn from experience (which is why having a coach is so important). Choices come from you, the emotional being that you are, and you must constantly work on being the best you that you can be. This involves growth. Stay focused on your outcome and stay focused on your path. Great things will come in their appropriate time as you practice the laws surrounding the Law of Attraction.

Keep doing what you know that you should be doing and make your life a masterpiece!



2 Responses to “Quantum Physics: Like Attracts Like”

  1. Love&Forgiveness said

    If “Like Attracts Like”, then Biff is a lot more like “the other person” than you make it sound. I would imagine that people might even describe “the other person” (let’s call him Albert) in the same way….let’s try it….

    Albert is one of the nicest people you have ever met. He has pulled so many great things into his life. Albert has a great personal life with great relationships; Albert is even in the personal development world (which doesn’t mean that people who teach success principles are immune to circumstances happening). He has hit a rut whereas nothing that he puts forth comes to fruition as he would choose…YET (again)!

    We are not victims! We get what we ask for in life whether we like it or not. Biff is not a victim of Albert. Nobody is a victim of Albert. Biff made the choice to do what he did…and manifested into his life the good stuff and the challenges. Ultimately, it was a lesson that he chose to learn…if he learned.

    Perhaps what Biff and Albert and you need to remember is that judgement of others only serves our ego and does not benefit anyone….not even ourselves. (I constantly have to remind myself of this.) Our egos are what keep negativity in our minds and in our lives.

    Only through love and forgiveness of ourselves and others will we ever realize true joy and happiness nad peace. JOY AND HAPPINESS AND PEACE…Isn’t that what we all ultimately want to attract into our lives?


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