The Art of Allowing

November 14, 2007

Welcome to your newest day living with the principles of the Law of Attraction. It is very important that you stay steadfast on your course, whatever that course may be. Perhaps in your efforts to create a different level of life for yourself you need to figure out your desired course or alter the present course. Regardless, it is vital to have a plan and continually focus on that plan.

Another important factor of the Law of Attraction is the Art of Allowing. This is an art because no one is perfect and it is a dynamic concept. It is an endeavor that you may never quite master, but you will conquer it in every moment that you practice this principle.

This factor, soley, will have a massive impact. In terms of using the Art of Allowing and attracting your dreams or desired outcome, this concept is imperative. You will never attract great things into your life if you are constantly focused on others, their actions, and more specifically what they are doing wrong.

For one, if you are focused on others inappropriately, you are not focused on yourself and what you need to be doing. If you are constantly critiquing or standing in judgement of someone else and what they are doing, this is destructive. You don’t have to live their life. You do not have to make their choices. Stick to focusing on your life and things will turn out much better for you.  This is a crucial part of the art of allowing.

In the course of your life you may want to help out and educate less fortunate people than you, and help you may. The real question is what are you doing and why are you doing it. If you are doing it to prove yourself right or to prove them wrong, this is for selfish reasons and it is fool hearted. It is, simply, done to stroke your own, needy ego. If you truly want to help people, perhaps it is a good idea to ask them if they would be willing to consider a different perspective or a new idea, and then politely and gently inform them of your perspective only after you have received permission because only then will they truly be open minded and willing to listen.

Here are a few questions for you to consider. Are you allowing others to be who they are? Do you allow them to do what they need to do? Do your words and actions allow them to live the life that they want to live? How do you come across to others? Are you controlling, domineering, and possessive? Does it have to be “your way or the highway?” Are you willing to compromise? Are you a “go along, get along” sort of person? Do you want, show, and express to others that you truly want the best for them? Do you show respect and reverance for others?  Do you express love towards others?

What are your expectations of other people? Do you have unfair expectations of an individual or a certain group? What ideas, beliefs, and opinions do you project onto them? What do you unconsciously expect them to do? Who do you unconsciously expect them to be? How do you react when they are not the person that you want for them to be or when they do not do the things that you think that they should do?

Lastly, the most important concept here is that you allow things to be (which means never pushing back against something because you will give that thing life). When you look at someone or something being not the way you want it, you are not only stealing their energy when you stand in opposition, you are also manifesting into your world that which you do not want based on what you witness in their world. In other words, you get what you focus on and if you are taking in the bad from someone else, you are poisoning your own world, which sabatoge’s your dreams at the same time.

In closing, everyone wants something more and it is alright to allow them to go get it. This is a part of the human experience.  In fact, it benefits everyone if you simply allow things to be. Focus on what you want and allow others to focus on what they want. Learn this critical point, the Art of Allowing, and your life will blossom. Only then will you really best use the Law of Attraction and only then will you truly enhance the world as you desire!


2 Responses to “The Art of Allowing”

  1. olga said

    I loved this. It makes you stop and think about what and how you are interacting with others. It gives me renewed focus on my goals. Thanks. Olga

  2. Are you willing to share any of your goals or how you have approached things in your life differently?


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