The Law of Gender

December 7, 2007

Many people, especially in the United States and western culture, expect and virtually demand instant results. We have become a “now” society which is good in many cases, but it should be reconsidered in many other situations. Some things simply take time to materialize and any educated perspective would comprehend this.

The principle is called the Law of Gender. The Law of Gender states that everything has a gestation period. Everything has a period of time through effort that needs to exist in order to realize the benefits of those actions. The specified time is rarely known, but it still does exist for things to manifest.

In your efforts towards success or any aim quite frankly, keep in mind, that all results have a gestation period. They all take an unknown period of time. You can not circumvent this process. The best indicator stems from the systems that we see every day in nature. Realistically, even nature has certain periods of time before a result will be noticed. Everything has a process and that process has a period of time that accompanies it.

A great example of the gestation period is that of having a baby. We all know that once a baby is conceived it is going to take about nine months for that baby to be born. It takes time for the baby to grow and for it to sufficiently mature. If the baby is born too early, it could very easily have complications (my sister just had pre-term baby boys – twins so this is a great example for me). You would think that someone is completely stupid if they got on your case about not having the baby in the first week. Can imagine what nut-job (that’s a technical term by the way) would ever say that? A baby takes time to grow to full term.

To use a different example for the gardeners in the group, if you plant pumpkin seeds, it is going to take some time for them to grow. You may not know the length of time for it to grow. You may need to look at the package where it says that it will take twelve weeks to produce fully-grown, Jack-O-Lantern sized pumpkins. Perhaps you need to simply trust the package that the information that it displays is true. Again, anyone would look silly getting upset at the plant for not producing pumpkins in the first couple of days, right?

Earlier this year, I planted pumpkins in my back yard and I wondered, how long until they produce a pumpkin. Where are they, I would ask. Even though the plants got huge with massive leaves and there was not even a sign of a little pumpkin at all. I wonder, what has to happen in order for a pumpkin to be produced? Sometimes, it is a matter of watering the seeds and pulling weeds, and allowing sufficient time for the plant to grow. Do you think that there could be a metaphor here? Simply put, it takes time, while continuing to focus using the right energy, resources, conditions, and intent to create any ultimate outcome.

This interesting phenomenon, the gestation period, creates many opportunities for us to learn and grow. If we had every result manifest right away, we would never have the need to grow. We would never have the opportunity to become the right person to have the things that which we desire because there would not be any struggles. It is very important to reframe your perspective, when appropriate, to view circumstances and struggles as being advantageous to you in the long-run.

You need to know that it takes time, an undetermined amount of time, to produce any desired result. The “how” to achieve the goal will come through effort. You must first know specifically “what” it is that you want and “why” you want it. These two factors are crucial to attaining your dreams and the time will be filled in with experiential learning opportunities along the way.

In closing, when you combine the reasons for having your outcome with the focus, intent, actions, and enough time, you are sure to manifest your desired outcomes.

Keep working in the direction of your dreams!


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