The Decision Making Paradigm

December 19, 2007

Everyone has their own life to live.  Therefore, they need to then make their own choices to live that life.  Interestingly and despite popular belief, these choices or decisions come from our emotional patterns.  If we change our emotions, we change the decisions that we make and, consequently, our lives.


Quite frequently, people will overlook or neglect the importance of their decisions.  They take them for granted.  The real question for your life – do you make the best decisions that you possibly can?  The answer is yes.  One of the presuppositions of NLP is that everyone does the best they can with the resources that they have.  Bottom line, is that if you want more, you need to make better choices.  In order to make better choices, you need to be a better person.  In order to have a better quality of life, you will need to become more of a person – you need to grow.


Growth means different things to different people.  Some consider growth to be scary.  Some consider growth to be exciting.  What are your views of growth and how do they impact your life?


I can guarantee that you are where you are today based upon your willingness to grow.   When you grow, it does not mean that your entire life will be perfect and that you will never again have to grow.  Growth is a process and growth can be fun!  Some results from your changes will take some time.   You simply need to determine if your desired results are worth the effort to change.  Are you willing to put forth the effort now to change in order to have your life be the way that you want for it to be?


Make the choices now for the kind of life that you would like in the future.  And, if you really want that life, stick to those choices.


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2 Responses to “The Decision Making Paradigm”

  1. Betty said

    Hmmmmmm—- well first off, I’d like to know your definition between a “choice” and a “decision” —- I just recently heard a definition but I’d like to hear yours…..because as adults I wonder if our problem is that we switch back and forth between the two…..

    PS- love what you’ve written —- very very interesting!

  2. What a great question! I appreciate questions like this!

    A choice is merely an option. It could be considered one of many. Conversely, a decision is a commitment.

    The root of the word decision means to “cut off.” When one decides, they “cut off” all other possibilities and they are left with the only remaining option. This decision is truly a blessing because it allows the individual the benefit with having a singular focus. With that focus comes clarity and therefore results.

    It is vital in order to create the ideal life for anyone that they make decisions to move in the direction that they want. Tony Robbins says that “in the moments of decision your destiny is created.” No truer of a statement could be made.

    When one decides, all other options fall away and the individual can move forward on that path. At this point of having made a decision, the person’s life becomes magical!

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