Get It Right!

January 13, 2008

One of the biggest mistakes by most people is their approach to life.  Their life is great, as long as they are happy, contrarily, most are not happy.  Given the opportunity most would take a break from their life and give new options a try.

The strategy for most is to “have” – they want to acquire things.  They want and they need to have everything.  Their ego pushes them to do certain activities, including excessive shopping, that do not support them.  The concept of having ample material goods in one’s life does not necessarily constitute an intelligent strategy to produce the results that any individual truly wants.

Anyone and everyone who wants to have more in their life needs to realize that a strategy exists for every accomplishment of a worthwhile aim.  The perspective tends to be “have, do, be.”  The challenge is that they tend to “do” and “be” the same person as before with the same patterns.  This is the reason why those that win the lottery end up with nothing in five years because they “had” and they were not a different person who did different things – their “do” and “be” are not in alignment.

The same person, one who has not changed, keeps doing the same things and producing the same results.  This strategy needs to change in order to create a different pattern and result.  Changing is very realistic, it is simply a matter of choice.

The first change is to consciously get the strategy right.  They need to be the right person first.  When you become the right person, you will then do things differently.  Once you then do things differently, you will manifest and create the life and results that you choose, not before.

Success and achievement is a pattern; it is a strategy.  When you consider and implement a new strategy, in this case the “be, do, have” strategy instead of the “have, do, be” strategy, you will generate massive results.  When the results begin to arrive, they will arrive nearly effortlessly in retrospect.

Start with the right strategies now and, in time with the right energy and efforts, you will certainly create the life that you desire!


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