Who Is Moving Goal Posts?

February 2, 2008

Interestingly enough, we may plan our lives or a particular factor of our lives, unfortunately many times it is not sufficient. Things come up along the way and detours and redirecting routes will most always be necessary in order to reach your outcome. Ultimately, you are in charge and contrary to popular belief, you are responsible for your outcome!

Things may not always go the way that you want them to go, this is a known. You may have to adapt and overcome every obstacle that is presented. Some things may not even be related to any of your doing, regardless, if you want the outcome, you must tenaciously pursue its outcome because no one else will do it for you.

This has become very apparent in the world in general. Many people seem to be apathetic and uncaring. Nowhere else can a lackluster performance be found than in the service industry. In my opinion this is dominant regarding air travel. Airlines have become the most irresponsible business entities in the current world to date. I, unfortunately, have too many first hand experiences recently. Airlines continue to blame other factors which is simply their way of passing the buck. These stories mostly involved US Air and their inability to plan ahead, coordinate schedules, to keep the passengers happy with customer service, and not really helping you to achieve your outcome – this has at least been true for me.

In fact, it has gotten so bad that TWICE in the last 5 days I have not only experienced delays due to late flights, I have not only been bumped from planes, I have gotten bumped from an airport because of their scheduling or lack of planning and accommodation. Delays and cancelled flights are other obvious signs. The point here is that they do not plan and they do not focus on overcoming the obstacles, either pro-actively or even after a direct request.

The take home message is this – other parties in the course of your life are not going to care about you and your outcome as you do – they care about removing you as a challenge and moving on to the next topic because they want to have their job be easy and go home. This is why you will end up being bumped to an inconvenient, next morning flight. (…and is it possible that this can be a metaphor for life? I think it is.)

If you do not stand up and stand firm to your outcome, it will be perpetually delayed. In fact, you may never reach your outcome. Remember, you will need to rely on other people and to have a team to achieve your outcome, this is a must. Keep in mind Donald Trump’s philosophy of making sure that you mind your business because those who work with you and for you will never be able to do as good of a job as you will.

Remember, plans change. Sometimes the immediate destination changes. You need to keep to your plan and to your prize. Ultimately, if you continue to make corrections, focus on your outcome, and continually and passionately pursue your outcome, the result will be the manifestation of your dreams!



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