Day One – New Beginnings

March 31, 2008

We all have things in our lives that pose us great strife or difficulty. It is never easy to envision a time when things will be better, especially right in the midst of the turmoil. If we really think to our past, we must remember that nothing ever stays exactly the same and things do change.

I know for me, at times, things have been really tough. There is no doubt about that. I have had my fair share of difficulties and I know that you have too. I find that my perspective makes all of the difference. I always do my best to remember, yes, this is definitely bad compared some joyous times in my life, and to also remember that things have been much worse.

When things do get difficult, I make the best of the situation because that is my frame of mind. I think, this may be bad, but compared to what? I start thinking of all the horrible things that have happened in the world and to me, and I think, “this isn’t so bad!” “I have been through worse.” Remember the quote from the Bible, “this too shall pass.” That may help. Additionally, in regards to all of the difficult times, I like the quote from the character Morpheus in the movie Matrix III: Revolutions in his speech before the people go to battle, “I remember that which matters most, we are still here!”

Fortunately, the goodness does come from the undesirable, if you allow it. When things are great, be appreciative of what you have. That is my perspective. I am not perfect, but at least I make the conscious effort to always look for the bright side of things (and sometimes it is not necessarily right away too!). Things always do get better if you allow them.

As I write to you, I write from the beautiful first morning in my new home. I think back to all of the struggles that I have had over the years. From the several failed businesses, partners who have cheated me out of money, the lies, the bankruptcy, the horrible credit, being completely broke about 5 times in my adult life, being fired or “let go” 7 times, having companies withhold earnings, the ridicule, the scorn, the uncertainty of where I was going to live or where I would find food, the panic of not having money to put gas in my car to get home when I had just run out, and many others. These were all serious challenges that I had to face and I am sure that you have had them too.

Now, I remember the great things. After all of my serious challenges, I cherish finally getting a car again after the turmoil, finding a great woman who loves me dearly, getting my first credit card again, being able to consistently pay for my rent, to getting my first mortgage, to tripling my income over the past year, to now having a home that I didn’t think that I could have just 12 years ago. Things have come full circle and I am grateful for what I have. Now I look towards the future for all of the new great things that I can receive and, ideally, contribute to the lives of other people.

As I write this blurb I ponder…. I raise my gaze to the glorious distance. I relish in the beauty that I now see. I graciously anticipate the splendid abundance of that which is to come. Softly, I query of myself, what new, wonderful adventures lie ahead?

Here’s to new beginnings.


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