Out To Lunch!

April 16, 2008

One of the more interesting topics that I believe exists is that regarding the average person’s lunch “hour.” What is your lunch all about? What do you do during lunch? Clearly people from all walks of life use their time differently and this time says a lot about who we are and what our lives are all about.

Do you go away from the office to eat? Do you sit out in nature? Perhaps you sit in a Forest Preserve, on the beach or near a lake when you eat?

Do you read when you eat? Do you eat with a group of friends? Are these friends from work? Do you always or on occasion set up a lunch date with someone special and make the most of your time to be with a friend or loved one? How do you approach your time?

Is lunchtime just about eating? Are you focused on throwing food in your stomach as quickly as possible to just get it done? Is lunchtime about being away from work? Do you even eat at all or are you too busy? Do you eat at your desk so that you may get more things accomplished?

Is lunch a waste of time? Do you not eat at all? Do you get other work done? Do you take your laptop somewhere to get something accomplished like email, writing a note, or making a grocery list? Do you skip lunch so that you can end your day from work early?

We all do some of these things at different times. And it really is a matter of preference. Perhaps you should consider these other factors so that you are not too comfortable and complacent with life? How much more zest from live could you have if you were to do something different this next time you eat lunch?

What would your life be like if you were to do some things differently? How might your life be enhanced? How would that make you feel?

Appropriately put, I am writing this while I am at a restaurant eating. I believe that if I can get things accomplished while I chew that I am accomplishing more in the limited schedule that I have. Do I always work while I eat? No, I like to get things done with that limited time if I can, and ever so often I, simply, like a little variety at when I eat so that it isn’t the same “ole thing” every time.

Are we just talking about lunch here or are we perhaps talking about another “L” word, called life? What if you were to do some things differently in your life as a whole? What kind of life would you have? What if you made different choices and took different actions? Perhaps your life may take a little bit of a different turn, one small “lunch” at a time?

We all have the opportunity, regarding our resources and our time, to make certain choices. Hopefully you will make choices that begin to give you a level of results and pleasure that you want for your life!