Good Day!

June 10, 2008

When we meet people, our greeting immediately says a lot about who we are. When I meet people I do my best to greet that person extremely cordially and with affection. Why not make the meeting the best interaction you possibly can?

I take my good attitude wherever I may go because it is contagious. I may not always be in the best mood all of the time (because I am human), but I do stay as passionately happy as possible because I know that I can change the world one person at a time by my emotional state; as you can too.

Moreover, a great example can be found in the first part of most interactions with people. What is the most common question that nearly every one asks, yet no one really wants to know the answer? If you are like many, and you may ask this as well, people tend to ask me how I am doing. They’ll ask, “how are you doing?” Sadly, the common responses are “fine,” “good,” “ok,” and probably the worst is “not bad.” Blach! Pathetic! It is disgusting when people say such lame words – “not bad.” The funny thing here is that I didn’t ask you how you “are not,” I asked you how you are doing. That is the equivalent to introducing yourself by saying “hi, I’m not Steve.” How silly would that be? When you want to live your ideal life, make sure to use the positive and to say how you want it, specifically in this case – how you are doing. Crucially, I hope that every time you meet someone you use this time as an excuse to be feeling great, by saying “I am awesome!”

As you have probably guessed by now, language is one of the key factors to determine how you feel. If you say that you are doing great, eventually, even if you are not, you have to be doing great. This is a simple key to how emotions work. If you act as if you are feeling great, eventually you have to feel great because that is how our nervous system works. Even if things are not going so well for you in your life, why not be positive and continue as if things are great – because they are, if that is your intended outlook.

To add to the keys of feeling great emotions, smiles go a long way. In fact, smiles are also contagious. If you want to feel great, simply smile! And they are so easy to do. Aren’t you glad that you have the opportunity and can choose to smile?

Lastly, and this can apply to every area of your life, did you know that there is one single difference between intense rage and the feeling of passionate excitement? Do you know what that little difference is? You probably guessed it – it is a smile. Even if you experience intense, negative emotions, yet if you put a big cheesy grin on your face, you can not feel bad emotions! That is how our nervous system works. How great is that?!?!?

Make the choice to greet people warmly and to put a smile on other’s faces by first putting a smile on your face. A smile and a warm greeting is simple to accomplish. Go ahead, massively contribute to the planet today. If you dare, simply make a point to intentionally greet people with a big, warm smile on your face – and before you know it, you will begin to attract more great things into your life, instantly!


One Response to “Good Day!”

  1. radiantrebekah said

    I love that entry, and it is so true! Great job Brett! You’re definitely changing the world one person/smile at a time!

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