Ups and Downs

August 18, 2008

Just like any roller coaster, life can be full of ups and downs. Of course, the ride can be terrifying and uncertain at times. When you stop to think about it, isn’t that the point? Isn’t the thrill, the uncertainty the beauty of the ride in the first place? Without that thrill, the ride would be worthless, dull, and boring – the challenge is vital to really living life.

Obviously, life can, at times, be a challenge, and that is a major point of importance. Certain circumstances can catch all of us off-guard. The real test is how do you react to those situations? The question is – when things get ornery, how do you act? How do you carry yourself? Do you come from a place of power or do you retreat to habitually destructive patterns and emotions? To insert the ultimate coaching questions – how do you want to feel, how do you want to react, and what kind of results do you want to have?

To further the feelings mantra, it is important to keep your feelings in check. Since emotions create our reality, when things go awry, it is paramount to be grateful, be grateful for what you have right now. Be grateful with where you are because as the ups and downs of life happen, unfortunately, you may not get back to your current point for some time, and this is simply reality. Even if things get better, aren’t you glad that you enjoyed the moment where you were previously and where you are now?

Of course things can always get better and as any reasonable person can begrudgingly admit, things could also get worse. Regardless, it is vital for you to be optimistic, just know that things are great where they are right now, and you can influence any outcome.

Again, things can always go either direction, up or down and with positive thoughts, feelings, and actions, things will go in the desired direction. In the meantime, be grateful for what you have because when you treat this moment, right now, as the best moment that you have ever had, it will naturally become the best moment ever despite circumstances. Some say fake it “til you make it,’ regardless, I say, “do what you have to do to appreciate the moment right now.” Remember, this moment is the only moment that you ever have because all life is a series of “nows” all strung together, and if you wait for something great to happen in the future, it will never happen. In order to live a life of passion, embrace every moment, this “now,” no matter what you might normally think of it. Why not make every moment as great and as passionate as you can possibly make it, and why make this moment great right now?

Truthfully, you may not feel perfect every single minute of your life, but what if your life could be 10% happier than it is right now? What if you made this moment the most exciting, the most passionate moment of your life? If you can live life at this level, how much more “worth living” will your life become? Additionally, if you live such a great life, won’t you attract more great things into your life? Won’t you attract more great people and opportunities into your life? Of course you will – that is the Law of Attraction.

Live this moment like you might not have such a moment as this….


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