In Times Of Economic Crisis…..

November 2, 2008

In times of economic crisis, everything looks bad. Stocks go down, prices go up. Everything seems to shift toward the downside.

To iterate the current economy, things are a bit sporty. We look to have inflation rise, our dollar is worth less than we prefer for it to be, gasoline prices are high and some stations are even running out of gas.

On a different note of uncertainty, some parts of the US have really bad weather. Other parts can’t even buy rain…. Wars and skirmishes are breaking out on many fronts, and many new wars lurk around the corner. Our banking institutions are having trouble and taxpayers are on the line for bailing them out. Regardless, we face uncertain economics, a looming depression, and overall grave situations in our world.

On top of this we have political challenges in the US and an election right around the corner to determine the direction and fate of our country for the next 4 plus years. No matter which party you tend to frequent, you probably think well, there’s one candidate that I don’t like and the other I can tolerate, so the choices are perfect. And whomever gets elected is really not going to be able to steer the country out of it’s current situation any time soon, if at all. Let’s face it, these current times look bleak… Really bleak…. The question is, are things really bleak? Or is that simply how we interpret the situation?

Everything in this world is a product of who we are. Everything that we see, witness, or interpret is a matter of how we filter the world. Importantly, how we filter the world, determines how we feel. Ultimately, we are the key because we determine how we feel.

If we determine how we feel, we are in control of our own world. We may not be in control of all of the outside forces and factors, however, we determine how we are going to react in any situation. If we control how we feel, we control our results and therefore our outcomes.

Many people tend to focus on how things should be, or how things aren’t good right the moment. Perhaps a better approach is to appreciate where things are right this moment? Maybe you can focus on feelings of gratitude and success-based results. If you begin to focus on the great things that you have right now and the things that you really want to you have, you will begin to steer your results in the direction of your dreams regardless of outside factors.

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