November 4, 2008

In light of the Election today, today could not be a better time for this post.


Change is an interesting topic.  As you probably know, this topic has been thrown around during the election cycle like it is a hot potato in an overcrowded kitchen. Additionally, the topic of change has been the hottest topic in all major media outlets recently.  In fact, in marketing, the most overused phrases are “new and improved.”  Overall, change is something that is different, which means that it is not necessarily good, and at the same time, it is not necessarily bad.


The real question becomes what kind of change do you want?  Do you want things to get better?  Or are you content with ANY change and you will accept “bad” change, as long as it qualifies under the banner of “change”?


This begs the question, what do you REALLY want?  Think about that – what do you REALLY want?  It’s a pretty broad question, I know.  What do you want for your life?  What do you want for your career?  What do you want for your family?  What do you want for your health?  What results do you want in your finances?  Overall, these are all great questions to be considered because change happens all of the time whether we actively pursue it or not – and you need to determine what you want for yourself.


The challenge is that most people make decisions (or change rather) by looking at the past.  They make decisions by looking at the pain that they have experienced in the past.  Sadly, the chances of success of this strategy are about as good as driving down a busy highway while looking out the back window.  As you obviously know, this strategy is destined for failure!


The best strategy is totally different!  Figure out what you want and go for it!  It is that simple!  Determine your outcome, develop a plan, and execute that plan.  The path to success is very simple – perhaps the beginnings are a tad difficult.  Figure out your outcome and make it happen!


The real question becomes – regardless of the past, what do you want to happen?  What results do you want to have?  You are in control and you need to lead YOU!


Before you decide that you want change, stop and consider your perspective.  Decide what you want for your outcome and then go for it!  This easy, process oriented strategy is the best strategy for positive change (no matter how you vote!)!!!


For a great resource on the Law of Attraction:



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