Trust, Hope, and Faith

November 27, 2008

What do you do when things go astray? How do you function when things do not go your way? To whom do you turn? Many turn to God, some turn to friends, some will go to their family. What do you do?

Some turn to drugs, some turn to alcohol, some take a break and go “get a smoke”. Some gamble, some turn to unhealthy relationships. Many will eat, so even if they won’t have their challenge resolved, they will at least feel satisfied and more comfortable in the moment because they, at least, have a “full feeling” from a full belly.

If you notice, everyone in these cases is looking for a sense a reassurance. They want a feeling of comfort. They all want to feel like things are going to be better. The real question is, regardless of any particulars, won’t the challenges that you face go away, some way, some how, at some point down the road? For the most part, of course they will. This is not to trivialize circumstances in any way, however we all know that things happen and things change, whether we like it or not.

Just like the stock market, things do up and things go down. Remember, that even though things go down, it does not mean that they have to stay there. You can choose to allow things to fluctuate on their own or you can also work to have those things triumphantly return. This is your choice.

Remember, even as the stock market sinks in today’s economy, you can choose to look at fluctuations in two different ways. In an unstable market, one may think that the world is ending. They prematurely pull all of their money and investments because they believe that even if they can pull a portion of the money, they feel more comfortable than potentially losing the whole amount. Again, it is a feeling of comfort.

On the other end, what if, while the market goes down, which means that it is extremely cheap, and you invest? If you invest low, when the price goes up, you could make a bundle!  It’s about being smart and doing the right things at the right times. 

If I had told you in the late 1990’s, that you could buy GM stock for $1.50, which was trading above $50?  Wouldn’t you have jumped on it? That would have been a GREAT DEAL, right!?!? Of course it would have. Well, just the other day GM’s stock fell to near that price. Then about an hour later the price went up to nearly $3.50. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but the truth is, that in comparison to the low of $1.50, it was a GREAT deal!  The price doubled! If you would have bought just before the increase, you would have doubled your money in a couple of hours!

Remember, everything is always relevant in comparison to something else. Additionally, things are not always as bad as you may think. Things are only bad because that is YOUR interpretation of things.

If you change your perspective, you change your ability to change your environment. With that being said; at the beginning I mentioned that people do many things to feel better about their circumstances. Instead of turning to many other “outside things” to use as a (and many times well intentioned) “hit” or in some cases “a crutch”, what if you just began to feel better…? …feel better in general and specifically about your circumstances? What if you just started to feel hope? What if you just had faith? What if you just started to trust? If you could, which you can, wouldn’t your life change? Of course it would!  You can feel great at any time regardless of your circumstances – this is a key to the Law of Attraction!

Don’t believe what anyone else tells you that you don’t want to believe. You are in control of you. You are not just a fishing bobber on the open ocean. You are a smart, thinking, crafty human being with thoughts, feelings, and the ability to take action. Determine what you want out of life regardless of circumstances, make a plan, improve how you feel, and take massive action. I have faith in you and that things will change…. And in the meantime, stay positive!  Trust, hope and have faith (in God and) in the best investment EVER – YOU! – Double opt in to be instantly emailed my free ebook – The Top 10 Secrets Of The Law of Attraction!


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    Good PAPER

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