Your Identity And Your Life

April 19, 2009

Many people do plenty of work to change their life, yet they neglect to look at the most important component, themselves. Typically, people tend to focus on being busy and doing many activities. They tend to focus only on what they can do. In fact, their priorities in life primarily revolve around what they have, then all of the tasks that they need to do, and maybe eventually, they begin to figure out who they are and what kind of life they want to have; bluntly, this is all backwards.

Overall, in order to truly have the life you desire, a different perspective needs to be considered. In order to create a different quality of life, of course you must actively do certain things. Additionally, it is alright to have things as well, yet this ought not to be your primary focus. Most importantly you must first be the right kind of person to have the kinds of things that you truly want to have and there is a strategy for doing all of this.

First and foremost, you must change who you are, at least as you see yourself before you can transform your life. This point is paramount because as you utilize great strategies as the Law of Attraction, because you will only attract the types of things that would be attracted to the type of person that you are – this change in who you believe that you are is called your identity which steers and guides your entire life.

Identity has been viewed differently by religions, philosophies and other like systems for thousands of years without sufficient dissemination to the masses. Identity is easily defined as a series of beliefs that you have about yourself; it’s that simple. The real question about identity comes in the comprehension of what a belief is.

A belief is a feeling of absolute certainty. How’s that for simplicity? All a belief happens to be is a feeling of absolute certainty, on all topics centered around beliefs. The question may then become – what does that mean, a feeling of absolute certainty?

For example, you may be reading this message while you are sitting down. Did you investigate your seat, do a twelve point diagnostic check or do a material stress test on the chair before you sat down? The answer, most likely is, no, you didn’t. Why not? The reason that you did not go to such extreme lengths to confirm your seat before you sat down is because you trust, or have certainty in that chair probably because you have sat down in that chair hundreds, if not thousands of times, previously. Furthermore, how many times have you successfully ever sat down in your life? Ten of thousands of times I would believe. Over this time and through repetition you have developed a certainty, a trust in chairs that they would support your weight, and now you generalize and trust that chair. If every time you sat in a chair you fell on the ground, you probably would check every chair every time that you sat down. This factor would be further described by saying that you did have certainty in your chair whether it would support you or not. Overall, this example gives you a great scenario in which certainty can be applied and how it is relevant to your life.

In relation to your identity, when you restructure your beliefs and feelings of certainty about who you believe that you are, you restructure your results and therefore the quality of your life. When you have the faith, the trust, and the certainty that you will reach your ultimate outcome for your life, you will unconsciously begin down that path. When you restructure your identity and change your beliefs about who you are, you will automatically start living your life at a different level because you make better and more specifically directed decisions; all of which will aid your efforts to live your ideal life as you become more successful implementing the laws of the universe such as one of the key laws, the Law of Attraction. Simply put, your identity and how you see yourself is the key to having the ultimate life that you desire!


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