Many people wonder why things are the way that they are. They wonder why they can’t have something like a new house, a certain car, a particular amount of money, or perhaps even that special someone. Maybe they want a new job, a new stream of income, or some sort of new blessing. Many are doomed to never have those things come to fruition simply because of their existing beliefs.

Beliefs cause everything in our world to happen. I’ll repeat that for emphasis, beliefs cause EVERYTHING in our world to happen. Quite frankly, starting to believe in something new may be the very first thing for you to consider if you want for your life to change.

You may say to yourself that you want to change, yet you do not know how. As a side note, this is where a skilled, trained coach comes in to play; know that you can change if you want to change.

Interestingly, a belief is nothing more than a feeling. That’s right… a belief is a feeling. More specifically, a belief is a feeling of certainty. Certainty IS the feeling. A feeling of certainty is a feeling that something will or will not come to pass. Or whether or not it will come true. The little key here is whether you believe it to be true or not, that is the truth to you. That belief becomes your reality. In a quote by Henry Ford, Ford said, “whether believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.” This could not be more true. The reason is that based upon your beliefs, so too go your actions or inactions. Then based upon your actions come your results – all based upon your initial beliefs.

Beliefs unlock your world, or they become your jailor. Nothing in our world happens separate from your beliefs. And you and your beliefs are truly the key. Ultimately, in terms of the Law of Attraction and having the life that you want for yourself, your beliefs are the cornerstone.

To start down a different path, you must consider your beliefs. As a coaching point, begin to learn. Learn the ways of the Law of Attraction. Learn how to apply specific principles. Learn how the vital principles shape your life and know how to use these technologies to influence your beliefs, as is appropriate for you. Only then will you be able to steer your life in the direction of your choosing – your ultimate destiny!

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