Any great end starts with a great beginning.  The journey always begins, ironically enough, with a beginning.  So many have great beginnings with great intentions.  The challenge is to follow through to a desired end.

If you were to choose a path now, would you?  Would it be to blaze your own trail?  Would it be an off-road adventure?  Would it be a road paved with gold?    Would it be a paved path – frequently travelled?  Would you follow those that are paving paths?  Which would it be?

Where do you choose to end?  Where will you choose to begin?  Or perhaps a better question may be… will you choose to begin? 

Too many focus on the beginning or the end, and not the journey.  Perhaps the journey is the real aim.  Life is a journey, not a destination.  Enjoy the ride!


3 Responses to “One For the Road”

  1. hey hey hey! Yes… to God for shinning the Light on such profound Truth!
    (Our) gratitude is so huge!!

    Your brilliance is a gift …


  2. olga said

    Well said. Our whole life is a journey of discovery and lessons. It would be pointless otherwise.

  3. thelawofattractiongroup said

    Life is most certainly a journey as I have learned. We might as well enjoy the ride!


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